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The Sound of Music

McLeod Summer Playhouse, July 2011



Elsa in ball gown photo shoot-X3.jpg
Elsa in garden w coffee-X3.jpg
Elsa in Garden-X3.jpg
Children Curtain Clothes.jpg
Children in play clothes sinigng in garden-X3.jpg
Children 5 play clothes s.jpg
Gretl shows Maria her bandaged finger-X3.jpg
Sad children-XL.jpg
Children 7.jpg
Children Festival.jpg
Elberfeld questions Von Trapps about singing engagement-X3.jpg
Liesl and Rolf.jpg
Liesl and Rolf in Garden half stage-X3.jpg
Maria dresses.jpg
Maria and Captain in Garden in love photo shoot-X3.jpg
Maria and Captain dancing-XL.jpg
Maria dresses 2.jpg
Maria and Nuns wedding dress photo shoot-X3.jpg

Directed by Nathan Arnett                                                                                                                                                                          Photos by Robert Holcombe

Wendi R. Zea, Costume Designer    Adam Rowe, Scenic Designer    Guy Perticone, Lighting Designer                                          

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