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Les Misérables

Cortland Repertory Theatre, July 2014
Wendi R. Zea, Costume Designer
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"Even though the title translates as "the poor," Wendi R. Zea's costumes guarantee that the three-hour performance offers continuing visual treats. Consider the first act's production number "Master of the House" at the filthy innkeeper Thenardier's place. With Eric Behnke's dappled lighting design, the waltzing vulgarians look like a Pieter Brueghel painting come to life."  -James MacKillop, Syracuse New Times


Directed by Sam Scalamoni                                                                                                                                                                     Photos by David Blatchley

Wendi R. Zea, Costume Designer    Mary Hamrick, Scenic Designer    Eric Behnke, Lighting Designer

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