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The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Southern Illinois University, December 2016 and 2017

To bring the classic story to life, for the animal characters we used a combination of human silhouettes from different time periods with fur and animal-influenced makeup. The early WWII setting was alluded to with the German and Russian influences of Fenris Ulf and the White Witch, respectively, while the children arrived complete with their refugee evacuation tags. The Kings and Queens wore fairytale costumes echoing the color and shapes of their younger selves. Wood nymphs both changed and became the scenery. Remounting the show a year later provided the opportunity to revamp a few details while making adjustments for a handful of new cast members.

Directed by J. Thomas Kidd                                                                                               Photos by Steve Buhman and Carrington Spires

Wendi R. Zea, Costume Design   Ron Naversen, Scenic Design   Janessa Harris, Lighting Design   

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