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Cosi fan Tutte

Southern Illinois University, February 2013
Wendi R. Zea, Costume Designer
COSI Dress A 028-L.jpg
COSI Dress A 046-L.jpg
COSI Dress A 117-L.jpg

Our "opera stock" concept, developed to fulfill the combined needs of our Theater and Opera programs, consists of period-inspired yet simplified shapes on a brown-scale. These pieces can be reused in different combinations for each production. Accent colors can change from show to show, allowing variety in the feel and mood of the piece, and brown-scale gives a little more flexibility than a colder grayscale version.


Directed by Tim Fink                                                                                                                                                                  Photos by Robert Holcombe

Wendi R. Zea, Costume Designer    Ron Naversen, Scenic Designer    

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